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Who We Are

The NCEMGVA was formed in 1991 to aid in improving the effectiveness of its members as volunteers in the Extension Master Gardener program of the North Carolina State Extension. 

The Association sponsors educational and training activities for North Carolina’s Master Gardeners in partnership with county and multi-county programs and the State Extension. 

We offer competitive grants to county programs, host an annual landscape garden design competition, and publish a quarterly newsletter for members with upcoming events, features, and other items of interest to the Master Gardener community of North Carolina.

 Edna Gaston, President


Contact Us


3434 Edwards Mill Road

Suite 112-260

Raleigh, NC 27612

Upcoming events

06 May 2016 9:00 AM (EDT) • Guilford County Ag Center
07 May 2016 8:30 AM (EDT) • Extension Office 2727 Old Concord Rd. Salisbury
14 May 2016 (EDT) • at the Thomas A. Baum Senior Center in Kill Devil Hills

Meet Gloria Polakof 

The seeds of gardening in my life were germinated from my earlier childhood on an Amish farm in Pennsylvania.  As my parents moved across the county, my father and uncle continued to inspire me and making lasting memories of the charm of gardening. I was an eco-child and green teen before being GREEN was cool.  I’ve always enjoyed fostering wayward plants and animals that needed help. As an adult, for family health reasons, I studied the health aspects of herbs and fresh vegetables and their healing power.

After receiving a Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine, the desire to grow my own herbs accelerated.   When we moved to Hawaii, I got involved in keeping invasive plants out of the islands and waterways.  My husband and I had a talk show called “Dr. Jim’s Healthy Hawaii” and we encouraged residents to cultivate more of their own food and eat nutritiously.  

Our medical business brought us to North Carolina and we settled in Moore County.  As soon as we arrived we noticed they had a MGV class starting in a few weeks.  So in 2005 I officially became a NCEMGV and worked on various projects.  I also developed and interest in helping with state projects and became the Corresponding Secretary for NCEMGVA serving under Shirley Waggoner-Eisenman. 

Our business brought us back to San Diego where I became a SDMGV.  In 2013 we semi-retired, moving back to a home we owned in Moore County.  I renewed my Master Gardener status within days of our arrival, and have served on various committees and actively support numerous gardening projects.  In addition, I continue to utilize my skills in Social Media, blogs, photography and our new website created for MGV’s of Moore County.  

Since I enjoyed being part of the State previously, I volunteered to Barbara Walters who said she had the perfect job for me.  Little did I know she was talking about Recording Secretary for NCEMGVA.

(I now feel empathy for all my past secretaries - wanting to send them personally grown flowers for unperceived challenges).   


I’ve enjoyed working with Kathleen Moore on the new manual for NCEMGV’s doing various projects. I look forward to many more years of fun in the dirt and encourage my 13 grandchild to embrace the magical life of cultivating a garden.   



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License Plate Order Information

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Donations to the Master Gardener Endowment 

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Leadership on the Road
We have a new Power Point that explains what our Associaton is all about.  If you are a Delegate, contact Edna Gaston, it would be great for us to all get involved giving our own county presentations.  Our Presentation can be downloaded from our NCEMGVA website under Power Points.

Edna has visited Johnston and Dare and Forsyth Counties so far.


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