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The NCEMGVA was formed in 1991 to aid in improving the effectiveness of its members as volunteers in the Extension Master Gardener program of the North Carolina State Extension. 

The Association sponsors educational and training activities for North Carolina’s Master Gardeners in partnership with county and multi-county programs and the State Extension. 

We offer competitive grants to county programs, host an annual landscape garden design competition, and publish a quarterly newsletter for members with upcoming events, features, and other items of interest to the Master Gardener community of North Carolina.

 Edna Gaston, President


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3434 Edwards Mill Road

Suite 112-260

Raleigh, NC 27612

Upcoming events

25 Aug 2016 (EDT) • Guilford County Extension Center, Greensboro
15 Sep 2016 10:00 AM (EDT) • Address of Event Gaston County Citizens Resource Center, 1303 Cherryville Hwy (NC Hwy 279), Dallas, NC

Meet Rosanne Davis

My earliest memories of gardening came from spending a great deal of time on my
grandparents’ farm in eastern NC where they had a large garden every summer. My summers

were spent picking vegetables from the garden, shelling peas, canning green beans, freezing corn and picking wild blackberries so my grandmother could make a fresh cobbler! I never realized at the time how fortunate I was to be eating “farm-to- fork”. Summers during my high school years were spent working on tobacco farms earning my “spending money”… used mainly for purchasing gas for the car upon turning 16! After graduating from college and working a few years, I was transferred to San Francisco to begin my career in sales with Owens Corning Fiberglas. I switched companies shortly thereafter and was working for a chemical mfg. company in 1989 when I met my future husband, Jerry, and we were married in 1992. We moved 8 times in the first 15 years of marriage… Heidelberg, Germany for 2 of those years and Buffalo, NY for 5 winters.

Gardening took a back seat to careers until we retired to Greenville in 2005. I found myself with a new house surrounded by a large blank canvas requiring a lot of landscape. As all the new trees, shrubs and plants were being installed; I kind of panicked and realized it was time for me to get serious about gardening. Shortly after getting settled into our new home, I enrolled in the Master Gardener Program hoping to gain the knowledge I needed to maintain and nurture our new landscape. So fast forward and the blank canvas is not to be found! We have taken ideas from some of our travels and incorporated them into our gardens. Jerry is the “Master Hole Digger” (certified by me) and together we have created our own little piece of paradise.

 I am in the midst of my 9 th year as an EMGV. I’m involved in numerous projects around the Pitt County Arboretum and on a few committees, one being the Special Events Committee which secures guest speakers for our annual public outreach event held in January. My curiosity to know what other master gardeners are doing across our state inspired me to become the Pitt County delegate for NCEMGVA. This experience continues to be a highlight for me as I meet

other gardeners and make new friends from other counties.


Other than gardening, I enjoy reading, cooking, great food and wine and entertaining family and friends, especially during the summer when we can enjoy the patio. I am a minor health/ fitness nut who actually enjoys exercising... golf, walking, yoga, weight lifting. Although running

(for 28 years) is no longer my primary form of exercise, I did run the Walt Disney World Marathon in 2003. I felt a great sense of accomplishment upon completion… and 100% sure

that it was my first and last one! The past few years, Jerry and I have enjoyed travelling to Europe several times and we always make a visit or two to the Seattle area to spend time with his kids and our grandchildren. Ciao!








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New Newsletter Editor Needed
The search for a New Editor for the NCEMGVA Newsletter is on.  Mary Conroy, after two years of being editor will step down.  If anyone would be interested in this job, please let Edna Gaston know.

All Districts have Reporters and just need a new Editor for the quarterly Newsletter.


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